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So you want to know about Meg...

Well, what about Meg? Since you're here, you must know something about her! But let's assume you don't for a moment, shall we? That way, I can tell you everything I know about her!

Who is Megara?

Megara, or Meg, is the independant and spirited heroine of Disney's 35th full length animated feature: Hercules.

How does she fit into the story?

In the movie Meg works for Hades, Lord of the Underworld. It's really not her fault. You see, she sold her soul to save her boyfriend's life, but then that dirtbag went off to "celebrate" with another girl. So now, Meg is stuck with Hades, without a soul, or a boyfriend. That is, until Herc comes along. When Meg first meets Hercules, he does his very best to win her over, but Meg isn't all too impressed. Later, however, she realizes that Herc is just a misunderstood hero. They go through a lot of problems but eventually, Meg admits she's in love with him, and they end up smooching by the end of the movie!

What does she mean to the other characters? Herc n co.

Phil- Phil thinks of Megara as a "bad news dame." She's basically harmless, but whenever she's around she serves as a distraction from Herc's training.

Hades- Hades relies heavily on Meg to do his bidding. At least she can get it right most of the time (Unlike Pain and Panic). Is it just me, or do you think Hades has grown sort of fond of Meg? I mean, he does make her some pretty generous deals.

Pegasus- Pegasus just does not like the girl. He feels fairly jealous of all the attention she gets from Herc. By the end, they do become friends, I mean,even knock heads!

Pain and Panic= I think they're fairly indifferent to her...she poses no threat.

The Muses The muses like her. I mean, they even sing a song for her to convince her to admit she's in love.

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