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The Disappearence

Author's Note: This story takes place a few months after the movie. I know this part is short but it's basically an intro... the rest will come soon... This story is from Herc's AND Meg's points of view... Herc is in black and Meg is in white.. I know most of you could figure that out on your own but I just wanted to clarify...And now, on with the fan-fic...

Meg sighed. 'Come on Hercules,' she thought. He was supposed to meet her almost an hour ago. They were going to a play that one of Meg's good friends was starring in. 'If he's not in here in fifteen minutes', she thought, 'I'm leaving without him.'

'Oh no, Meg is gonna kill me,' Hercules thought. 'Why do monsters always have to cause trouble at the worst times?' At the moment, he was on his way to Meg's Garden to take her to a play. He had just stopped another minotaur from terrorizing the streets of Thebes. He could slay horrible monsters but couldn't be on time... go figure.

Meg was ready to leave when she heard someone behind her.

"Herc!" she cried as she spun around.

But it wasn't Herc who greeted her. It was a man from her past, a past she didn't like to think about. This particular person was one she hadn't seen in years and didn't plan on ever seeing again. His hands were behind his back and his mouth was twisted in an awkward shape, a shape Meg was all to familiar with.

"Perseus!" she gasped.

"Hello Megara." Perseus said. His voice was deep, seductive, almost hypnotic. "It's nice to see you again my dear."

"Your dear?" Meg questioned. "Why I could..."

With that, Perseus lifted a large rock over his head and brought it down on Meg's. Hard. She collapsed in a heap on the ground. Perseus dragged her limp body to his horse, hoisted her onto the animal, then rode away as qucikly and as silently as he had come.

Herc arrived at Meg's Garden about twenty minutes after Perseus has ridden away with her on the back of his horse. He breathed a loud sigh and called out to her.

"Meg?!, MEG?"

But Meg wasn't there. He sat down on a nearby stone bench, put his head between his knees, and stared at the ground.

"Oh no." Herc gasped.

The blood on the ground was too much for him to handle. He turned his head and vomited into the bushes. Then he got up, struggled to stay balanced, and ran.

He ran until he couldn't anymore. There he collapsed on the soft grass and began to weep. He knew it was her blood. Who else's could it be? It was too much. who would want to hurt Meg? His dear, sweet Meg? The questions were a blur, just like everything else at that moment...

The dreaded phrase:
To Be Continued

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