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The Disappearence
Part Two

Author's Note: This story takes place a few months after the movie. Herc's point of view: black; Meg's: white. Oh ya, I know that this is short but I don't have much time to write with summer reading and all, so just bear with me...

Meg woke in a dark, musky room. Her hands were tied to something. She assumed it was the wall. Her head was throbbing and her thoughts were a blur... 'He was dead, I saw him lying there...dead, he was dead, dead!' She didn't want to think about her time with him, she really didn't. But, of course, that was the only thing on her mind. Perseus. That name made her shudder. More than anything else... even the thought of her old "boss", Hades....

~It was 5 years ago... she was 17 at the time. Back then she was naive and innocent. In fact, it was her experience with Perseus that smartened her up and helped her lose the innocence thing. It was a normal market day. She got up extra early, got her things together, and set off for the market. She didn't know that she wouldn't be going back to her cozy home for quite a while... At the market, she noticed that there was a new vendor at the jewelery cart. She couldn't help but notice him. Those bottomless dark eyes and that fluffy cloud of black hair made her melt. She also noticed that she was not the only one who adored this mysterious man. Five other girls were at the cart and every single one was talking to him at once. Meg approached the cart quietly. She might have been naive and innocent but she knew a handsome guy when she saw one. When she got to the cart, all eyes darted to her. It was clear that she was the most beautiful girl there but after about five seconds, that didn't phase the other girls. It did, however, phase the male. In fact, it phased him so much that he took Merg by the arm and left the stand. He took her around the corner and introduced himself...~

Herc was frantic. He was looking for Phil and had been for the last few hours. It was no use. He plopped down on a rock and started to cry. Some time later he felt a light tap on his shoulder.

"Huh?!" he mumbled as he slowly turned around.

"Hello Herc." a perky voice chirped. It was Aurora. The very last person in Thebes he wanted to see. It was an understatement to say that Aurora was obsessed with him. "Herc-- why are you crying?" She asked, genuinely concerned.

"Listen Aurora, I REALLY don't have time to talk now so if you could just lea--"

"It's me isn't it? I totally ruined it with you and Meg, didn't I. I'm sorry... But really, all the girls in Thebes want to kiss you, they do. I just got lucky."

Herc was not pleased. "Listen Aurora, I can't stand to be around you another second so just get away from me, ok?"

Aurora herself started to cry. "But Herc, I--I,"

"Just GO!" Herc screamed.

"Fine. Just don't come running to me when that sorry excuse of a woman you call Meg dumps you for a normal guy!" Aurora screamed back as she walked away.

Herc was too hurt to retort. In fact, he was too tired to stand. He fell to the ground and weeped. Meg didn't really care about that kiss. She knew Aurora was a nutcase and that Herc would never do that to her... Meg, oh how he missed her... At that moment he felt another tap on his shoulder...

"Get lost Aurora-"

"Whoa, whoa, chill Jerku- er, Hercules. I'm no Aurora. But I heard your dear Meg got lost. What a bummer, isn't it? I could help you fix that though..."

The throbbing in Meg's head was getting worse. She tried not to think of Perseus but her thoughts won - again.

~"My name is Perseus." Perseus said and then kissed her hand. "And yours is...?"

She could barley get the word out... "M-M-M-Megara."

"Megara, hmmm, such a beautiful name. Well, Megara, what's a beautiful girl like you doing here all by her lonesome?"

Meg chuckled. "I always go to the market alone."

"Well, you are the most wonderful girl I have ever met, Megara."

"Oh, uh, my friends call me Meg."

"Megara, I don't make friends."

That one sentence should have tipped her off that Perseus was bad news. But Meg was too mesmerized by him to care. She even agreed to go back to his house with him - as long as she left in time to finish at the market and be back by dark. Like that would ever happen...~

The dreaded phrase:
To Be Continued

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