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A Mount of Creative Work.....

This is a page dedicated to fanfics, humour, top tens ect.

Go ahead! Send those babies in to me at

Well, it's not really a Mount yet. Oh, who am I kidding? It's not even an anthill! Please, for the sake of us all, WRITE! (And be a dear, if you could...write it on your simplest writing program please...It makes everything so much easier.)

....HEY! What are you still doing here? I said Send those babies in, and that means...WRITE!! (Not that I'm putting any pressure on you, or anything. It's just that I really want some creative work understand, don't you? *sniffle*)

Well, what do you know? Our first

Top ten list , sent in by (my good friend and) M.I.B. Director: Ola (AKA Aphrodite)

Amazing! Two new top ten lists!

A top ten list by Director Terpsichore

And one by Director Belle 83210

An extremely funny top ten list by Director Hades!

Another funny top ten list by Director Hades!

A great fanfic by Alissa (aka Director Terpsichore

Part two by Alissa

A top ten list by Director Athena

Another top ten list by Katie aka Director Echo

A FANFIC BY HANNA!!! Entitled "Wars."