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MIB Join the Meg in Black...

It's a fanclub, it's a secret service....

Here's how it works: If you want to join the Meg In Black, Email me. What will happen then, is you will give me your name, plus a codename you'd like. For example, mine might be Agent Hanna, codename: Meg.

Get it? Now, here's where it get's really interesting. The first 15 members of the Meg In Black who participate actively on this website (like, write a fanfic or top ten list ect.)will get the honorary title of "Director". Cool,huh? They don't really get too many privaliges, except that if they need some minor favour (ie finding a pic for them)from you, they have the power to ask. You have the power to say "no", but I'd recommend being nice to the directors, because each one gets to choose one Agent to promote to Directors. (and the new directors each choose one agent to make into a director as well, and so forth.) By the end, you may all be Directors! Confused yet? Well, the first step is becoming a member of the Meg in Black! So email me and join now!


1)Director Ola Codename:Aphrodite

2)Agent Marlon Codename:Thanatos

3)Director Alissa Codename:Terpsichore

4)Director Patricia Codename:Belle83210

5)Agent Jennifer Codename:Alycyone

6)Agent Ashley Codename: Hera

7)Agent Nicole Codename: Pain

8)Agent Lisa Codename:Panic

9)Agent Tom Codename:Amphitryon

10)Agent Meredyth Codename:Orphicles

11)Director Troy Codename:Hades

12) Agent Whitney Codename: Ophelia

13)Director Kat Codename: Persephone

14)Agent Kendra Codename: Meg

15)DirectorKelly Codename:Megara

16)Agent Larissa

17) Agent Steph Codename:Aura

18)Director Katie Codename:Echo

19) Agent Megara

20) DirectorAllie Codename:Athena

21)Agent Katy Codename:Aphrodite

22)Agent Marie-Claude Codename:Lil Nut-Meg

23)Agent Nala Codename:Megara (the difference between her and the other Megaras is that she makes this look good .)

24)Agent Kelly Codename:Esmeralda

25)Agent Sarah

26)Agent Thorne Codename Zeus

27)Agent Paula Codename:Mega

28)Agent Joel Codename:Prometheus

29) Agent Chrisam codename:Taran

30) Agent Hooda

31)Agent Kai Codename:Meg

32)Agent Amanda codename:Megrrl