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So, you've decided to try your luck at "You are Meg",huh? Fair deal. Lemme explain how this whole thing works. Remember when you first saw Hercules ? Suuuure you do. This little "Game" is for all those times when you looked something that Meg did and gone, "I wouldn't have done that!" Well, now's your chance to right all of her wrongs.

This is kinda like a 'Choose your own adventure' thing. Here's how you start: Pretend you are Meg. Now go ahead! (PS we don't really know how Meg's boyfriend I just made it up!!)

You're walking through the streets of Thebes with your loving boyfriend, when a giant building starts to crumble above you. You grab your boyfriend's hand and start to run from the falling rubble, when a giant rock falls and smushes him. He's not dead yet, but he's fading fast. All of a sudden, Hades appears, "You know," He says, "I could save him, if you sell me your soul."

What do you do?

Sell your soul...

Dont sell...